Strength: EMOM 10

2 Hang power snatch (Building weight)

WOD: 10 Minutes @ continuous pace

20 Jumping jacks

6 DB push press

20ft KB Bear crawl


Part 1 of the April Challenge 

CrossFit Total - Combine wt. totals from all (3) movements. Important note: Do not risk it all to post a personal best. It is about measuring a starting point and creating a deeper awareness of personal strength and ability.  This is also known as journaling.  In the coming weeks, we will focus on strength gains. The total can happen at any Friday class time, open gym or weekend open gym class times. Write all lifts on STRENGTH whiteboard. 

1 DL 



Also, Save the date for the Del Mar to La Jolla sandy Beer luncheon. Walk, jog or run and maybe some PT along the way. Promise no beat downs. 

Where: Start at the box

When: Saturday, April 20 at 7 AM 

Gear: shoes, water, CC, Uber if you want a ride back to the box from La Jolla.